Fee schedule

Fee settings

The required fees per operation is determined by the following formula:

fees >=
minimal_fees +
minimal_nanotez_per_byte * size +
minimal_nanotez_per_gas_unit * gas

The minimal fee variables can be set by each baker, but will default to the following values:

minimal_fees = 0.0001
minimal_nanotez_per_byte = 1000
minimal_nanotez_per_gas_unit = 100

(1 tez = 106 mutez = 109 nanotez)

Suggested values for standard operations

Assuming most bakers will use the default fee settings and the blocks not beeing full, some default values can be used for standard operations.

OperationGas limitStorage limitFee
Transaction10300 or 10600 (*)0 or 277 (**)0.001350

(*) If a transaction from an implicit account (tz) result in a remaining balance of 0 tez, the higher gas limit should be used.

(**) If the receiving address have a 0 balance and is an implicit account (tz), the higher storage limit should be used. This will also create a burn of 0.257 tez on top of the fee.

To set the limits and the fee more accurately, operations can be simulated with the node RPC.