Node Configuration

Here we will look at common configuration Options for the Tezos Node, all settings here can be done in your Node’s config.json

Hisotry Mode

Tezos supports 3 different history modes, these affect the amount of storage needed by your node and how much information is available in the RPC API.

These modes are:

  • full:
    stores all data since the beginning of the chain but removes archived data, all information is available in the RPC API
  • rolling:
    most lightweight, only stores data since the last snapshot.
  • archive:
    stores everything, requires a lot of Storage space

You can set the mode in the config like this:

{ “shell”: {“history_mode”: “full”} }

Bootstrap Peers:

Here you can specify the inital peers your node will connect to, specify them like this:

{ “p2p”: {“bootstrap-peers”: [ip1:port1, ip2:port2,…]} }

Private Mode

In private mode your node will not connect to nodes other than your bootstrap peers, Bakers often do this to hide their IP and only connect to one \”Frontend Node\” that is hosted somewhere else, enable it with:

{ “p2p”: {“private-mode”: true } }